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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Cash vs. Accrual

Accepting that you have to keep track of your Boise Idaho business accounting is half the battle. Next you need to decide how you will do it. How and when you record your business transactions make a difference not only to your accountant but also to agencies such as the IRS. Even if you hire someone to keep the books for your Idaho business, it’s a good Idaho to know what options are open to you.

  • Cash Basis
  • Accrual Basis


You report income when you actually receive it and write off expenses when you actually pay them. This is the easy way to report income and expenses, and probably the way most Idaho business keep their accounting records.


This method is more complicated than the other, but if your business maintains inventory, you must use the accrual method. You report income when you receive the payment, you write down expenses when services are rendered even if you haven’t received the money.

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