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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Warning

Idaho business crowdfunding campaign platform must be professional. It is essential that future backers feel as though you and your Idaho business will stick to your words and deliver on promises.

The last thing you want to do is look tacky or like a phantom to take their money and then head of in the night never to be seen again.

These are things you should NOT do:

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes in the title or description
  • Brief or vague descriptions
  • Failure to show sufficient research and understanding of how the project will work
  • Lack of proper budgets
  • Lack of experience in the given field
  • Low resolution pictures
  • Poorly shot videos
  • Photos and other content borrowed from commercial website or from other creators without their permission
  • Poor eye contact in the video
  • Little information about the creator and skills
  • Rewards not explained well or are inappropriately priced


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