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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Online Business

Starting an online business has so many upsides that its hard to even find one drawback. The days of starting a Boise Idaho business by renting an expensive facility, hiring an erroneous number of employees and spending a lifetime worth of savings in startup expenditures is going away.

If your online business becomes so big that you need extra space, then you can invest in a larger home for yourself. After you have experienced working for your lease payment, you can appreciate the concept of working from your home.

In fact, you can put your home into an LLC and have your online business make payments. You can take those payments and use them to care for and maintain the property as a business. At the end you have you have transferred wealth to yourself instead of some office space landlord.

Upsides of an Idaho Online Business:

  • Super low overhead
  • No expensive lease or extravagant lease terms
  • Minimal space required
  • Can provide services or products or both
  • Can take payments online without the expense of a card processing machine
  • Require less business insurance
  • No additional office space furniture, phone, internet bills, water machine, coffee machine, signs, paid parking, excessive office supplies, janitorial service, Cam on lease etc.
  • Swings in sales have less of an impact due to low overhead
  • More time can go into marketing, customer support and product care
  • Less or no staff needed
  • Business is open to the world, not limited to drive by traffic
  • Can reach customers through email, blog or updates to social media


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