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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Is it Practical?

Owning an Idaho franchise is not for everyone. The idea of being your own boss plus the upfront costs and extra obligations to a corporate business, can be unnerving.

  1. What the Franchise Requires

It takes a lot of guts to write a check for the upfront franchise fees and sign your life away for a business loan.

In addition, your franchise may require a large physical location, such as a retail or office space. This will force you into signing a lease that may seem excessive compared to your businesses 1-3-year sales projections.

  1. Not Having Customers

After you have signed on all the dotted lines, stocked the shelves with franchise approved items, taken on huge debt and remodeled your new building to fit your franchise requirements, you realize that you don’t have even one customer.

This is not a feeling of excitement, but rather of extreme anxiety and remorse.

  1. The Franchisor Goes Out of Business

Yes, an Idaho franchise is a business just like yours or anyone else’s and it can go broke. The only difference is instead of having traditional customers, it has you, the franchisee. This can be a sobering realization and one that people may not be willing to make.

However, even though there are many disadvantages to operating a franchise business there are also some advantages for the right person.

These include:

  • Training
  • Logos
  • Signs
  • Systems
  • Employee handbooks
  • Websites
  • Domains
  • Wholesale
  • Pricing systems
  • Approved equipment
  • Color schemes etc.
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Branding and recognition
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