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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Campaign

Images are the first thing to jump out to potential backers when they look at crowdfunding campaigns. Countless studies have shown that we all extract a tremendous amount of information from images alone. Most people can help but look at photos or illustrations when presented with them.

Naturally, the tone and content of your new Idaho business images must match the tone and content of your Idaho business campaign. In addition, your images need to look like they were competently acquired, edited and presented. If you have the budget or and videographers to present a slick, clear message for your campaign you should take advantage of that.

The biggest mistakes are those campaigners who do not spend the time to present an authentic, visually appeasing presentation for their ideas.

Here are additional guidelines for campaign videos:

  • Short and concise is better than long and wordy
  • Take time to be clear about your project
  • Explain the critical nature of your project
  • Why you are seeking crowdfunding
  • End with a call of action to encourage bakers to support and pledge funds


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