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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Convert Visitors

First impressions are critical on the web, where shoppers have the ability to jump from site to site with a click of their mouse. A few extra seconds of downtime waiting for complex images or min-computer programs to download can cause your Idaho business prospective buyer to interest and click away.

How do you make a visitor to your welcome page feel as though they are being greeted with open arms?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Remember, less is more: Don’t overload anyone page with more than three or four images. Keep all images 20K or less in size. You do this by saving images with a lower resolution.
  • Find a fast host: some web servers have super-fast connections to the internet and other do not. Test your site, if your pages take longer than a few seconds to appear, you must adjust your content and images along with calling your host.
  • Offer a bargain: Nothing attracts attention as much as a contest, a giveaway or a special sale. If you have anything that you can add to a purchase at no additional cost that would be attractive.
  • Provide instant gratification: Make sure that your most important information appears at or near the top of your pages. Visitors to the web don’t like having to scroll through several screens to see worthy information.


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