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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Protection

Creating a revocable living trust while you are still in good health and able to assess your family situation is a great idea. There are thousands of pages of bad advice about how to hide your money from the state so that you can avoid access taxes and financial help at a later age. Protect your Idaho business!

All of those take away your personal power and hand them right over to the courts, creditors and greedy family members.

By establishing a living trust, you will:

  • Avoid time and expense of probable when you die
  • Avoid multiple probates if you own real estate in more than the state of Idaho
  • Provides easier, more efficient administration of your estate
  • Prevents court control of assets at physical or mental incapacity
  • Gives you maximum privacy
  • Minimizes emotional stress on your family
  • Allows quicker distribution of assets to beneficiaries
  • Lets you keep assets in trust until beneficiaries reach the ages you have specified
  • Easier to provide fair distributions to beneficiaries
  • Prevents courts from controlling assets when minor children inherit
  • Can protect dependents with special needs
  • Inexpensive, easy to set up and maintain
  • Can be changed or cancelled at any time
  • Professional asset management if you use a corporate trustee
  • Can reduce or eliminate estate taxes
  • Lets you keep maximum control while living, incapacitated or even dead
  • Peace of mind


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