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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Video

When you are creating the video for a successful crowdfunding platform for your new Idaho business, you must be aware that the films formatting, size, color scheme, language, special effects, clothing make a huge difference.

Here are important tips when creating your Idaho business crowdfunding video:

  • Write a script and practice what you are going to say. Recording a compelling video presentation is far harder than most people think. It may require many takes, but getting it right is worth the trouble.
  • Use images, lighting, coloring, music and visual composition that match the tone of your project. You want to create emotion that marched the platforms idea.
  • Dress up, smile and be eager to speak to your future backers.
  • Be sure that images and music are properly licensed.
  • Shoot your video in a wide-aspect ration (16:9 or 2.35:1), which looks modern and conveys a more professional quality.
  • Shoot your video in high-definition (HD) or ultra HD formats. Many sites will shrink campaign videos to a lower resolution, so the better yours is in the first place the better it will look after the alteration.
  • Always record sound using an external microphone, such as a boom microphone or a lavalier microphone hooked to shirts or jackets.
  • Make sure that you do a proper sound mix. This will ensure that everyone can clearly hear your message.
  • Edit the video with a professional-grade software.
  • Allow the video to display an energy that fits the mood of your platform.


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