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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Get Started Now

Using your skills and experience to start your own Idaho construction company will provide a source of income that allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours. With some planning and motivation, you can be well on your way quickly.

Write a Business Plan

This is a written document that provides you with your overall goals as you get your company started. Many times, a business plan is written as a hypothetical dream, in which nothing is budgeted, and unrealistic profits are realized.

Its important that you keep conservative expectations. This will ensure that your business and household budget are well kept during the time of growth. It is common to take one year to reach profitability.

Get a Loan

Apply for a loan to obtain any necessary funding for your new Idaho construction company.

Get Registered and Licensed

Check with Idaho state, city and county for regulations governing new construction companies.

Get an Idaho Business License, Business Entity, EIN and Bylaws or Operating Agreement

Make sure that you have everything that you need to hire, legally operate your Idaho business, file necessary taxes and protect your personal assets.

Get Your Tools Ready

Service any equipment you already own that needs repair and purchase any items you require to perform basic construction tasks.

Market Your Idaho Construction Services

Advertise your new Idaho construction company in various media outlets that target your potential customer.

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