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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Raise Money

Starting an Idaho business crowdfunding campaign can be a little overwhelming. Here is a quick outline of a possible timeline for a generic campaign from start to finish. The schedule will vary depending on many factors including existing support and the type of press and media you wish to attract.

60 Days before launch:

Begin creating your Idaho business Idea content such as campaign video and text for the website. If applicable, start to chart out the reward tiers.

30 days before launch:

Send campaign materials to trusted friends to get honest feedback and make modifications based on their suggestions. Ask if they are willing to get involved once the campaign launches.

14 days before launch:

Reach out to media outlets and relate your story and new Idaho business or launch of your new line. Continue this process throughout the campaign as notable coverage occurs or new information surfaces.

Launch day:

Reach out to friends who have promised support. Begin social media, email, and other direct campaigns to potential backers.

During the campaign:

Thank backers as they commit and pledge money and support. Consider providing no-cost rewards to backers. For potential backers, make daily social media updates and weekly campaign updates to recognize their support.

Campaign completion:

Thank backers and collect information to distribute rewards.

Post-campaign updates:

Let backers know the project is stilling moving forward. You must provide weekly or bimonthly updates during the process of turning the idea into reality.

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