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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Tax Help

If you think your Idaho businesses tax bill is set in stone, your wrong. The art of lowering your taxes comes through properly planning your Idaho business expenses and deductions.

Your tax preparer can help, but they are not magic. If you fail to plan throughout the year, their hands are tied.

Some strategies can help you lower your taxes, sometimes by thousands of dollars.

Tax planning and tax checklist:

  1. Contribute to retirement accounts
  2. Purchase needed vehicles, equipment, and supplies
  3. Prepay expenses
  4. Utilize tax free fringe benefits
  5. Pay off credit cards and other outstanding debts
  6. Make a last-minute estimated tax payment
  7. Organize your records for tax time
  8. Find the right tax forms
  9. Itemize your tax deductions
  10. Don’t shy away from a home office tax deduction
  11. Provide dependent taxpayer IDs on your tax return
  12. File and pay on time
  13. File electronically
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