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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Kickstarter Money

All or nothing crowdfunding systems are based on fixed funding goals. A creator of a new Idaho business will only receive the money if the target is met while the campaign is running. In other words, if the creator sets a goal of $10,000 but only receive pledges for $9,902 before the campaign deadline, they will not receive $0.

This could sound harsh, but it is a stronger motivator for contributors to help creators reach targets. In addition, pledges that exceed the goal will be passed onto the creator and their new business. So, if the creator sets a target of $10,000 and receive $11,000 in pledges, they will receive all money.

Kickstarter is not only the most popular crowdfunding site, but also the most popular crowdfunding site ever. Because of its popularity is often houses the most publicized and successful creative and entrepreneurial campaigns in recent business history.

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