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Relocating to Boise

If you are thinking about relocating your business, home and family to Boise Idaho from California there are many benefits. Below are many examples of why folks are moving to Idaho like crazy.

Meet Friendly People

When you walk down the street in Boise, people say hello. The People of Idaho are fun and friendly from the store clerk and the tellers at the bank to the stranger who holds the door open at the grocery store.

Flat tire? People still stop to help when you need help. Folks from Idaho are truly the best!

Greenbelt & Parks

Boise Parks & Recreation has a system of riverside parks all tied together by the 25-mile-long greenbelt park which gives runners, walker, bike riders, fisherman, birdwatchers all a place to access the riparian area. There is Barber Park, Lucky Peak State Park, and Bethine Church River trail, a 24-acre natural area to preserve and conserve public lands.

Boise River Water Park, west fin Ann Morrison, Julia Davis Parks, and Kathryn Albertsons Park which is a naturalized area with ponds, pools to enjoy nature. Newly opened Ester Simplot park has 55 acres and 23 acres in ponds.

Enjoy Great Weather

Boise is high desert with about 12 inches of precipitation a year. 206 sunny days a year, 41 days with measurable precipitation and 30 inches of snow each winter. 4 true seasons like the Midwest!

Clean City

Our city prides itself on being clean and healthy. Our water is clean and comes from huge aquifer. The river is clean, the people are respectful of the environment.

Great Schools

The Boise Independent and the West Ada school districts are considered the upper echelon. The parents, teachers, police, fire department and the general population believe in protecting and caring for the youth.


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