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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Campaign

In addition to creating a great campaign video and having the specs, budget and creation process written in detail, you need a pitch. Your new Boise Idaho business will depend upon it.

Follow these tips to make your Idaho business campaign pitch more effective:

  • Explain why you are asking for money and why crowdfunding is the best or even only way to raise the money.
  • Make sure the campaign feels personal and authentic.
  • Give potential backers a way to relate to you and understand your story so they can root for your success.
  • Make backers feel like they are a necessary and meaningful part of the project and its future.
  • Ensure that all spelling, grammar and formatting is correct.
  • The overview, description, and other details should be clear and concise.
  • Because readers rapidly drop off, the important information should come first.
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