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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Crowdfunding Campaign Design

Now that you have decided that crowdfunding is right for your Idaho business project, it is time to grow through the process of designing your campaign and choosing the right platform.

Undoubtedly, your idea is innovative, exciting, and very important to you and your team. However, to attract support, you really must stand out of the crowd. The design and planning decisions you make now will directly impact how much of a potential backer’s time and attention you can hope to gain.

More importantly, your approach will determine how many people you will be able to convert to actual backers of your Idaho business campaign.

Think of it as a three-step process:

  1. Engage their curiosity
  2. Present clear, concise and compelling narrative that makes them want to get involved
  3. Formalize the relationship by getting them to sign up as backers and pledge their support.

It is common for backer to visit your campaign up to seven times before finally making a pledge.


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