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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Grow and Prosper

The secret to selecting the perfect new Idaho business entity is by assessing your future goals and ensuring that the business structure will effectively meet those needs, allow you to grow and prevent over taxation.

By answering the questions below, you will have the ability to select the proper Idaho business entity for your specific needs.

Answer each question with your future goals in mind.

  • Will you be the only owner and or investor of your company in the foreseeable future?
  • Do you have 1 or more partners who will work, share and invest equally?
  • Will there be a distinction between working owners and non-working owners?
  • Will you need to have a strict structure of working owners, wages and percentage of profits?
  • Are you a professional that needs a PLLC?
  • Will you need shares of stock of your company to offer potential owners or investors?
  • Will you be using this business to purchase real estate?
  • Do you value tax free fringe benefits over a large salary or payout?
  • What type of business will this entity be?
  • Are you anticipating extreme high profitability compared to your business expenses?
  • Do you need to show a certain amount of income for any reason?
  • Are there more people involved than just you and your spouse?
  • If yes. who is involved and what their participation will be?


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