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Boise Idaho Business Guide: Get the Facts

Before signing the purchase agreement for a new Idaho business, you should find out as much as you can about how the business makes money and how it is run daily.

Questions to Ask the Idaho business Seller

  • Does the business currently lease space? If so, will the lease end soon? Does it need to be renegotiated before you close? Will I the lease price be increasing?
  • What Idaho licenses or permits will be needed to operate the business?
  • What revenue models does the Idaho business use?
  • How can the Idaho business increase its sales?
  • How quickly does the Idaho business get paid for goods and services?
  • Will the seller stay and train after the sale to ensure a smooth transition?
  • Who are the employees of the business, their benefits, pay, bonuses, their roles, and what do they do every day?
  • Who are your biggest competitors and how do each of them directly impact your revenue?
  • What makes this company better than the competitors?
  • Are there items, equipment, vehicles and other business machines that needs to be upgrades, fixed or completely replaced to be compatible with the industry norm.
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